The Shanta Shirt

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The Shanta Shirt

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The Shanta Shirt is a vibrant, unisex style short-sleeved shirt made of handloom cotton. The fabric has a woven blue motif and a crisp, tailored fit. 

Fit: Relaxed

Size Guide:

Medium: Chest: 42/ Waist: 42/ Hips: 44

Large: Chest: 44/ Waist: 44/ hips: 44 

Length of shirt: 26 inches (across sizes)

(Please note: All measurements in inches) 

Sale Terms & Conditions

1. Sale items will not be eligible for return or exchange purposes, so please check your size before finalising the order. 

2. Your purchase will be shipped within two days of the order being placed. But please note that there can be a delay in pick up requests during COVID and we urge you to bear with us in those circumstances.

Washing Instructions:

To take care of your Ela India kurta, and ensure that it lasts as long as you want it to, please avoid machine wash at all costs. For best results, use a non-detergent soap if you can and give it a quick rinse in cold water. Skip using harsh chemical detergents, if possible to retain the garment life for longer.