Ela Loves: The May Reading List

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Posted on May 10 2021

Ela Loves: The May Reading List

Hello everyone. In the midst of all the suffering and heartbreak this country has been witness to recently, the one activity that has helped us cope, has been food. Cooking for the family has been one way to keep ourselves busy. So we decided to do things a little differently for this month’s Reading List. 

Instead of just recommending and sharing what is taking up space on our night stand these days, we asked all of you to share a cookbook that you’ve been drawing comfort from, during this time. And so many of you responded with your favourites, thank you. 

We have compiled a list of all your picks, on an Amazon Wishlist available to view here. 

The entire list is available below to read. Please note that wherever a book was not available on Amazon, we have mentioned links separately and in cases where the price of the cookbook felt absurd (say above Rs 3000, we have suggested their Kindle editions instead. The absurd pricing might have something to do with current import surcharges due to COVID restrictions, we aren't entirely sure)

  1. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking Hardcover. Samin Nosrat. 

      2. The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian: Delicious Meals from the Indian Kitchen. Nandita Iyer

       3. Italy's 500 Best-ever Recipes. Jeni Wright 

       4. Canal-House-Cooking. Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton 

        5. How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food. Nigella Lawson. 

        6. Tiffin: Memories and Recipes of Indian Vegetarian Food. Rukmini Srinivas. 

        7. Hajar’s Recipes of Life, for Life by Hajra Mohammed. 

         8. Pangat, a Feast: Food and Lore from Marathi Kitchens. Saee Korrane- Khandekar.

         9. Cooking Italian Food in India. Roberta Angelone. 

        10. Desi Delicacies: Food Writing from Muslim South Asia. Claire Chambers.

        11. Step-by-Step Italian. Parragon Books.

        12. Nita Mehta's Best Selling Cookbooks Collection. 

        13. The Complete Asian Cookbook. Charmaine Soloman. 

        14. The Essential Kerala Cookbook. Vijayan Kannampilly. 

        15. Made in Italy: Food and Stories. Giorgio Locatelli.

        16. Palestine on a Plate: Memories from My Mother's Kitchen. Joudi Kalla. 

        17. Konkani Saraswat Cookbook. A.S. Philar. 

        18. The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners. Rukmini Iyer. 

         19. Casablanca: My Moroccan Food. Nargisse Benkabbou.

         20. A Modern Way to Eat: 200+ Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes. Anna Jones.

         21. Anjum′s New Indian. Anjum Anand. 

         22. 1080 Recipes. Simone Ortega. 

         23. The Complete OPOS Cookbook: One-Pot Meal Plans Ready in 10 Minutes. B Ramkrishnan.

         24.One Pot Vegan: 80 quick, easy and delicious plant-based recipes from the creators of SO VEGAN. Roxy Pope.

          25. 200 South Indian Vegetarian Classic Lunch Recipes. Mallika Badrinath.

         26. Masala Lab. Krish Ashok.

         27. Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen. Elizabeth Andoh. 

         28. Amish O Niramish Ahar 1st. Pragyasundari Devi.

         29. Italian: A Visual Step-by-step Cookbook (Frame by Frame). Parragon books. 

         30. Five Morsel of Love. Archana Pidathala. _ (Not available on Amazon, Buy here.)

        31. Malabar Tea Room Blog. Read here

        32. Paachakarani. B F Varghese. (Not available on Amazon, Buy here )

        33. Asma’s Kitchen.

        34. Flavour Thesaurus. Niki Segnit.  

         Happy reading or cooking! (Or both:)     

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