The Ela India January 2021 Playlist

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Posted on January 22 2021

The Ela India January 2021 Playlist

If you’re like me, then music has been the first port of call when going through a rough patch. There’s nothing a good song won’t help me get through, at least for the few moments I am listening to it. Anyone feel that sort of optimism when  listening to their favourite song? It’s one of the reasons I started the Friday Playlist two years ago. We are bringing back the Playlist in the new year, but as a monthly feature now. I felt that making it weekly diluted the quality of the playlists.

So I am starting 2021 by sharing my favourite band of 2020 - Blind Pilot. Spotify told me it was Iron & Wine but I would like to respectfully disagree. ‘Three Rounds and a Sound’ was my 2020 song, the one that helped me get through it all. (You think you know me, Spotify but I don’t think so:-)

Click here for the Spotify playlist

Click here for the Youtube playlist

(Please note~  There are some variations of the songs on each platform- Spotify and Youtube because of the content available on them respectively. For ex: The NPR Tiny Desk video wasn't available on Spotify, just letting you all know before you click on the playlist:)

Enjoy listening and follow our Spotify/ Youtube Channel, where you would like to be updated about our monthly playlists.   

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