Dressing Up Cliches: Shirt collars

Ela India Team

Posted on February 05 2021

Dressing Up Cliches: Shirt collars

How many of you love to button up your collars? All the way up? I was recently asked by a well meaning uncle at a bookshop if I was a lawyer. I had gone to pick up a planner and had worn a saree with a shirt blouse buttoned all the way up. I realised later how we unconsciously associate buttoned up shirts as a saree blouse with serious lawyer ladies:) (I was kinda sorta sorry to disappoint him)
What sort of associations do you have with a woman's shirt buttoned all the way up? I'll go first; I've seen this style on a few graphic designers and iIlustrators I've known. Tell us about your own collar cliches in the comments:)


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