Ela India featured in The Times of India

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Posted on October 08 2021

Ela India featured in The Times of India

We have been selling the Kerala Kasavu since 2018, the year of our launch and it remains a bestselling saree from our collection to this day. While the Gold Kasavu remains a traditional classic, we have mainly focussed on the Silver Kasavu saree because it was such a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Kasavu.

Our Onam sales are always a timely reminder of how on-trend the Kerala Kasavu is among saree enthusiasts, and although sales have been growing year-round as well, Onam is undoubtedly peak Kasavu season for us. Nupur Amarnath from The Times of India spoke to us about the popularity of the Kasavu saree, on the eve of Onam and about navigating the market challenges involved in retailing a classic such as this. Does reinventing this traditional saree signify an erosion of the value of its craft or does it lead to wider market acceptance beyond seasonal buys and ultimately better prospects for artisan livelihoods? These are some of the questions that Amarnath posed in her questions to us, and the rest of the brands she spoke to. 

The article features insights about the Kasavu loving customer base across the world, and featured us, alongside Save the Looms' Ramesh Menon and Rouka founder Sreejith Jeevan. We are honoured to have shared the spotlight with designers who have been doing this for so much longer than we have. A big thank you to Nupur Amarnath for speaking to us for this piece. You can read the article at this link- Not just White & Gold: The Kerala Kasavu in Transition

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