The Kasavu Styling Guide- Part 1

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Posted on November 09 2020

The Kasavu Styling Guide- Part 1


The traditional Kerala Kasavu is an understated gem. You don’t need a lot of accessories with it (or any at all, in my opinion). And yet, I always get a lot of engagement on our social media on posts where we speak of styling this classic. So I thought I would take this opportunity to show you the many ways in which our own customers have styled the Silver Kasavu, in the past. That's what it is so beautiful about sharing pictures from customers; each example is so individual to their personal style. Tell us which is closest to your own style, in the comments below. 

1. Floral Blouse with delicate Silver String neckpiece~ As seen on Ankita (

2. Simple white sleeveless blouse with a string of pearls~ As styled by Meenu Verma

 3. Simple white puff shoulder blouse with sleeves (made from the running blouse material available with the saree) with chunky kundan jewellery ~ as styled by Hemma


4. A floral blouse in pastel colours paired with the Silver Kasavu saree ~ As styled by Aarti

5. Mommy and Baby twinning goals - A monochrome look- a black sleeved blouse with our Silver Kasavu and the blouse material fashioned into a mundu by Aditi 

6. Ikat blouse paired with Silver Kasavu Saree with chunky Kundan jewellery ~styled by Ishita 

7. Monochrome striped blouse and silver string neckpiece paired with Silver Kasavu ~ As styled by Eclectic Clothes 

8. Chunky silver bangles paired with Kasavu blouse and Silver kasavu saree ~As styled by Bindu 

9. Black & white monochrome blouse paired with silver jewellery and our Silver kasavu (and we love those geeky glasses) ~As styled by Saeesha. 

10. Chunky Silver Jewellery with a pretty metallic Batua paired with the Silver Kasavu ~As styled by Arati Kumar Rao. (We also love the jasmine gajra in her hair:)


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