Let’s Talk About Mums as Style Inspiration: Arati Kumar Rao

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Posted on January 31 2021

Let’s Talk About Mums as Style Inspiration: Arati Kumar Rao



We asked all of you to share your favourite picture of your mum as your style inspiration and you’ve all shared such lovely stories, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.   

The first in this series is from Arati Kumar Rao. Arati sent in this amazing photograph of her mum dressed in oversized sunglasses and churidars. Her love for big sunglasses came from her mum, and it’s one style statement that her daughter seems to have picked up too:) 

She shares, “My mum’s oversized sunglasses (hexagonal ones here!)and churidar (over salwars) was something that deeply influenced me :) I could never come close to her easy style. During my wedding, an uncle said, ‘Have seen the Mum and now the daughter in bridal wear. Winner is Mum, any day.’

Third post: ‘My daughter, who shares the same love for big sunglasses, and i :)’

Thank you so much for sharing this,

Arati ❤️

Image courtesy: Arati Kumar Rao


Arati Kumar-Rao is a National Geographic Explorer, an independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist documenting the slow violence* of ecological degradation.



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