The Ela India Story

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About Us

We are a womenswear brand that marries contemporary silhouettes with handloom fabric. We are based in a small town in Kerala called Palakkad. The word ‘Ela’ means leaf in Malayalam, and we chose the name to symbolize new beginnings. Our story is as much about slow living and eschewing big city living as it is about exploring the relationship that we have with our clothes. When we launched Ela India, the idea was to create an apparel brand that could interpret handloom in a contemporary context. Rather than be limited by our small town location, we wanted to use it as a competitive advantage as it allowed us the freedom to grow more organically. 

Our tagline ‘Made with love in Kerala’ was meant as an ode to our origin story but it was also meant to convey the attention to detail that goes into creating each piece. That close to 60% of our orders are from repeat customers speaks volumes about customer satisfaction. Something we hear often (especially from Indian customers abroad) is that Ela reminds them of home, and nothing makes us happier than hearing that.

 Our Production and Sourcing Chain

All our clothes are made in a workshop in our small town of Palakkad. We do not produce in huge numbers; each piece is crafted with a lot of attention to detail. We work with handloom, sourcing from independent weavers and weaver collectives across the country. 

Have questions? Check our FAQ page, or drop us an email at, we would love to hear from you.