Gold Kasavu Handloom Saree (4 inch)

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Our classic Gold Kasavu saree is made of handloom cotton and is approximately 6.2 meters in length. The saree includes a running blouse material that you can choose to either retain or cut off, as required. This saree has a 4 inch gold kasavu border width.

Styling tip: 

Our Gold Kasavu Sarees look beautiful with gold coloured earrings and accessories. The saree can be paired with a contrast saree blouse if so desired although it comes with a running blouse material.

Washing Instructions:

To take care of your Ela India Kasavu saree, please avoid machine wash at all costs. For best results, soak the saree in a non-detergent soap and give a quick rinse in cold water. Skip using harsh chemical detergents, if possible to retain the saree quality for longer.  Best maintained by folding between cotton muslin cloth in humid conditions.

Shipping Information: 

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