Onnu Podo Illustrated Tote Bag

Onnu Podo Illustrated Tote Bag

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'Onnu Podo'

The perfect comeback to end all arguments. A phrase that can end arguments, or start them depending on the tone in which it is delivered. A very handy Malayalam phrase that captures the irreverence and wit that Malayalees are well known for:)  Not a Malayalee? It's still a perfect gift for that annoying Malayalee friend in your squad, brownie points guaranteed.   

Our illustrated cotton tote bags fold perfectly into a square so that they fit in your regular handbag. Carry them around for emergencies or on holidays- they make for great company AND make great gifts, too! 

The dimensions of the tote bag are as follows:⁠
35.6 X 35.6 X 7.6 cms⁠

Recommended weight for usage: 3 kgs

Handwash separately for best results