What does your dressing say about you?

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Posted on November 09 2020

What does your dressing say about you?

Prints or Solids? Neutrals or bright pops of colour? So many of the choices we make when dressing up is an attempt to tell the world a little more about us, the things we like, the causes that matter to us and our place in the world. They are subtle markers of our identity. 

A 2013 piece in The Atlantic dove deep into the cult of the black tshirt asking plaintively 'What is it with powerful men and undistinguished clothing?' in its introduction, dubbing them as invisibility cloaks. 

For most of us though, our sense of style has evolved from a few years ago. I look at my own pictures, and I can see how my polyester/ viscose High Street buys have been replaced with airy cottons that feel more natural and authentic. They are more expensive too, to some extent but I have become more considered in designing my wardrobe now. 

So, what does your dressing style say about you? Tell us in the comments below. 

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