In the Press: Featured in The Established

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Posted on April 03 2024

In the Press: Featured in The Established


We were featured in The Established in a story about how small businesses navigate the complex world of GST. A big thank you to Gouri Shah for taking the time to chat about what it’s like to run a womenswear label, that is GST compliant and how this has impacted our business.  


Every single time I sit down for a chat with a journalist, I am always struck by the amount of changes that have taken place , since I started on this entrepreneurial journey. When you’re caught up in the day to day of running a business, there is very little time to pause and take stock of the larger picture. 



We began Ela India in February 2018, and it’s been a ride. From dealing with the Kerala floods for two years in a row, when our business was significantly impacted, to coming to terms with the impact of COVID two years later, we are still here and learning everyday. We got GST compliant in December 2020, when we launched our website. Navigating GST as a small business is a complex process especially in the context of an ecommerce business because its a fairly new ecosystem even for chartered accountants who are more schooled in the old ways of doing business. I shared with Gouri how I wished I had a better understanding of the system, the subsidies available when I started this business, and how understanding it better would have made an impact on the categories that we worked with, and chose to diversify into. 

You can read the article here, on The Established’s website. 


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